PND – Interview with an expert.

Guest post this morning from a VERY honest and brave Laura Bibby. Thanks so much for sharing your story Laura.

Tell me a little about yourself?

I’m a mother of four children, I work as a nurse alongside teaching yoga to pregnancy/Postnatal. I practice yoga 4-5 hrs a week and belong to a run club . I’m trying for my 1st half marathon.

What is your experience with PND on a personal and/or professional level?

With my second child I had a traumatic birth , she was born at 30/40 and spent 7 weeks in NICU . I did not cuddle her or pick her up for over a week and suffered post traumatic stress from my delivery. I was very sick , I had my appendix removed following my daughter delivery. A medical error occurred and I was not anaesthetised so felt everything and thought I was going to die . This on top of a sick premature baby with complications brought many issues.

I had suicidal thoughts and did not bond with my child . I felt that I couldn’t tell anyone as was scared I would be labelled ” crazy ”

Exercise was what how I got through this very difficult year. I had no medical input

In your opinion what is the hardest part of the illness?

Being labelled as crazy , feeling alone and scared I would hurt my child or myself . Loss of control and failure as a mother

What is your opinion on using anti-depressants as a cure for PND?

As a non-medical prescriber I fully understand the mechanical process of drugs and I really did not want any more drugs controlling my mind .I was also too scared to discuss this with the dr I see depression as a sign of weakness

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