Barriers to Exercising as a MAMA and how to overcome them!

Juggling life as a MAMA is Hard! but exercise is so immensely important! I have been talking to some mums about their biggest barriers to exercise and how we can over come them.

Jenny Chamberlain from Accidental Hipster Mum sums up my thoughts exactly! “It’s such a palava! If I do it when he naps, I have to get changed, exercise, shower, put new clothes on and do my hair and make up. His nap isn’t long enough and I can’t do it when he’s up!”

If my husband does a 20min work out, it take approximately 24mins to complete; start to finsh! For me to do a 20min workout requires; either 30mins prepping snacks and suitable activities, or getting changed into lycra and a more appropriate bra before settling for nap time, depending on the situation. Then 30mins showering, reapplying make up, setting hair etc etc. Then probably another 15mins tidying up the mess from pre arranged activities! So my 20min workout can usually take 1 hr 35!

One HUGE piece of advice that I need to take myself if to exercise first thing in the morning! Before the house awakes.

Time seems to be a common theme amongst the mums I spoke to Sarah Skellern from Toby Goes Bananas says “I can only really exercise after the boys are in bed and that’s usually 8pm, and by that time all I want to do is collapse in front of the TV.”

Similarly; Beth Law from Twinderelmo comments “My husband works away during the week so I was restricted to being able to go to classes/a gym plus with having three kids I was shattered so exercising was the last thing on my mind.”

Time and energy seems to be a common them with Amy Duxbury from Mighty Duxburys saying “Urghhh. Time. Having had the sprog, gone back to work and having a household to keep going… with both parents at work all day, I really don’t want to get out for a run whilst our toddler is still awake. But then when he’s asleep, that’s when I get my jobs done. Then I want to go to bed. The obvious candidate for being binned off for the day is exercise”

Again, working out first thing in the morning will help, getting a quick workout down before the rest of the house is awake and before your morning routine starts. Exercising in the morning generally means you make better food choice through the day too. And your metabolism is all fired up and ready for the day ahead.

I’m not saying its easy! But its about finding something that works for you!

Maybe trying something new, or experiementing with different forms of exercise.

Donna Dundas from said “I did the couch to 5k after having my daughter and loved it. I’d always hated running before but have ran races since. It only takes 30mins so I could go before hubby left for work and to be honest I think that half an hour on my own did me as much good as the exercise”

Those of you that follow my blog, will know that I am a HUGE advocate for the ‘other’ benefits of exercise, its not just a physical thing, I genuinely feel like exercise is therapy for me! A quick workout to help clear my mind is all I need!

If finding time to exercise really isn’t an option, there are other ways to change your lifestyle. Victoria Sully from lyliarose may be taking it to the extreme with her comment “I’m seriously considering a treadmill desk! They look amazing!” (im not sure I could cope!) but there are a lot to be said for Standing desks! But even walking to work, taking the stairs instead of a lift. Walking to school/the park instead of driving. Little ways to increase activity.

It’s all about finding what works for you and sticking to it!

Sonia Urie from Buzymum “I got around that by booking the crèche at the gym and paying for it a week in advance. I’m too tight with money to not turn up for something I’ve paid for so it made me go! Now, after 3 kids and they’re all at school, I’m a bit more self motivated but really needed that push at the start after having each bubba!!”

Good luck Mamas! Remember who’s watching and learning from the example you’re setting!

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  1. Muffin top mummy

    June 15, 2017 at 9:59 pm

    I pop the baby in her jumperoo and do a YouTube workout with her jumping along next to me. She thinks it’s hilarious when I exercise… which is slightly offensive, but I’ll let her off!

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