Post Holiday Detox!

As I may or not have mentioned, Last week I was on Holiday in Las Vegas. I ate whatever I wanted while we were away, only did two low intensity workout and drank quite a lot of rum! And there is no problem with that at all, its great to let lose every now and again. But since we’ve been home I have felt so bloated and run down and have had no motivation to exercise or eat anything green at all!

I think I have the post holiday blues (although I am over the moon to be back to my babies!)

So tomorrow, I am back at it! We have two weddings coming up and I do NOT want to feel the way I do now!!

Although the word ‘DETOX’ is over used; and in my opinion usually used as a selling tool for some rubbish shake! there are definitely ways you can kick start your weight loss and reawaken your metabolism after a week of junk (and a few cocktails!!)

1. WATER – It’s an old-y, but its a GREAT-y! flush out all that badness with 2-3 litres of water per day!

2. Exercise first thing in the morning. – It will waken your metabolism first thing, put you in a good mood and give you more energy. But also mean you’ll probably make better food choices and wont spend all day talking yourself out of doing it!

3. Green Veg! – Fill up on fresh fruit and veg goodness. Make it varied, make it colourful and make it for all the family. Simple meals of veg and proteins with fruit in between will replace nutrients and provide lost minerals.

There’s no rocket science here, it isn’t going to give you instant, dramatic weight loss. But try these tips for a week to kick start your health after a holiday or heavy weekend.

*While we were away we visited a really interesting expo called Bodies, it got me thinking a lot about my health and how we treat ourselves. I will be writing a post about it later in the week. so subscribe to Squats Sass and Saggy Skin to read more*


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