Hi! My name is Anna and i’m addicted to Diet Coke!

Well at least i was until this time last week!

Over the last ten years i’ve probably drank on average 2litres per day! ( I know! Cringe!) to the point that my toddler shouts “Mummys drink” anytime he sees diet coke in an advert, at a resturant… etc etc (how dare anyone else drink mummy’s drink eh!) It’s not that i don’t understand the negative health effects, i do, i really do, but that little bugger they call aspartame gets you! So over the last ten years I’ve ‘quit’ maybe two dozen times, always on a Monday (of course) and always after announcing it to everyone i know! and making sure to saviour my last sip! I usually last a day, maybe two and then give up!

Well; i’ll set the scene. Last wednesday night i sat down on the sofa, boys both in bed, chores finished, house tidied (ish) my lovely husband and i both bathed and jammied up, ready to watch an episode of something (probably suits) for said husband to exclaim from the kitchen, “there’s no diet coke left” That’s ok i think, i’ve probably had quite alot today, i can wait till tomorrow… And just like that… i’ve stopped all togeather! I don’t even remember drinking my last swig!

The headaches lasted maybe 4 days, (and i was incredibly tired for the first 3!) but now i feel great! Lots more energy, no headaches, i think i might be a littler nicer? (maybe not!) Best break up ever!!

Incase my little triumph isn’t inspiration enough, I’ll give you a quick round up of the sciencey bit. All Diet/sugar free drinks are sweetened with a little shitter called aspartame, it’s produced in a lab, highly addictive, linked to headaches (mainly in woman of course!!) and tricks your body into producing unwanted insulin, in turn leading to insulin resistance and tummy fat (and or diabetes!! – lots of conflicting evidence on that one.)


  1. Carol Cameleon

    March 15, 2017 at 10:01 pm

    Going cold turkey is the best way I think. I did the same with coffee and 6 years ago, I haven’t touched coffee. Feels good!

  2. Jim

    March 22, 2017 at 5:57 pm

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